Desenvolvedor de Dusk culpa seu gato por lançar Chop Goblins três semanas antes


David Szymanski, o desenvolvedor por trás do shooter estilo retrô de 2018, Crepúsculoacaba de lançar seu novo jogo… três semanas antes do previsto. Chop Goblins estava previsto para ser lançado em 2 de janeiro de 2023mas parece que David Szymanski e seu gato tinham outras ideias.

Pegue alguns jogos Chop Goblins[lay here.

On 12 December, Chop Goblins hit Steam. Who did David Szymanski first blame for it? His cat, Zamboni. “WTF, I just came upstairs to my office and discovered the Zamboni released Chop Goblins early! They must remind him of himself,” the tweet reads.

Zamboni is pictured, sat on what we can assume to be David’s chair, looking innocent and adorable as ever. The Dusk creator later followed up with a new tweet, linking Chop Goblin’s Steam page, saying, “I was bored, so Chop Goblins is out now.” So, Zamboni isn’t an evil mastermind after all, but any excuse to share a cute cat picture (even if it means releasing a game early) is a good one if you ask me.

Chop Goblins is a “bite-sized FPS” with a similar style to Dusk. It’s designed to be played and completed in a single sitting, “without sacrificing depth, variety, or creativity in its gameplay and level design.” Given what we can already see of the game on Steam, this simple shooter is shaping up to be a good one. Although, I didn’t expect any less from David Szymanski, who is consistently paying homage to the era of Doom and Quake in a very impressive way.

The game itself has you facing off against the chaotic Chop Goblins, who are causing havoc across the world. You’ve five different levels set in various time periods to plough through, as well as five unique weapons, multiple enemies and bosses, all in what is a short but jam-packed campaign.

It’s a game I’ve been dying to check out ever since finally getting bored of Dusk, and I’ll no doubt be giving it a go this weekend. Will you be trying it out too, or have a different retro-styled FPS in mind?

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